Alex Winfield

Realtor, Coast Group Inc.

Host, Hop-portunity Investing Group

“Two great characteristics that define Jun’s real estate career and potential are his proactive nature and his ability to see with the end in mind. I was fortunate to be able to work with Jun on a House Hack and saw first hand his ability to visualize a plan, be decisive in his decision making, and utilize the people around him to maximize his team’s strengths. I am confident that Jun will continue to take leaps and bounds in his real estate endeavors by harnessing his forward-thinking vision, his strong character, and his formidable appetite for education and growth.”

Anthony Pinto

Founder, Pinto Capital Investments

Host, The Lessons in Real Estate Show

“Jun has shown tremendous precociousness and motivation in his real estate career. His open-mindedness, resourceful nature and hunger for knowledge have propelled him onto a path to financial freedom at such a young age. He has impressed me with his ability to quickly absorb and apply knowledge in pursuit of his goals. Keep your eye on this guy!”

Sierra Alderman

Realtor, EXIT Realty Central

Real Estate Investor

“It has been a pleasure working with Jun! He is humble, passionate about real estate and a true person of integrity. He is a person who sets his mind to something and will work hard to accomplish his goals. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Mike Foster

Co-Founder, Active Duty Passive Income

Host, Active Duty Passive Income Podcast

“Jun is an example of what a military real estate investor should be. Having invested himself, he knows what investors are looking for. He helps his clients make safe and profitable acquisitions in the market.”

Justin Witt

Co-Founder, Mutual Venture

Real Estate Investor

“Working alongside with Jun has been a great experience. When he sets goals, he achieves them. Jun attracts the best team members which is why he is so successful.”